Enfamil Premium A2 Milk Protein Infant Formula 19.5oz. (4 Powder Tubs) Prebiotic, Easy to Digest, Non-GMO, Immune Support, Omega 3 DHA, No Added Sugar, A2 Protein Sourced from European Grass-fed Cows

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● Enfamil Premium A2 is the FIRST and ONLY leading infant formula that provides both naturally, easy-to-digest A2 milk proteins sourced from grass-fed European cows and an expert-recommended amount of brain-building DHA.
● Premium milk from select European cows that produce only pure A2 milk protein
● A2 has a unique dual prebiotics blend for immune support which promotes digestive health Has pure, naturally easy-to-digest A2 milk protein, similar to that naturally found in breastmilk.
● Emerging evidence from studies in children and adults suggests that A2 milk protein is less likely to be associated with digestive discomfort
● NO added table sugar (sucrose), corn, artificial growth hormones, antibiotics or GMOs
● From the #1 pediatrician recommended brand

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