About Us


We’re Global click Media Vietnam, founded by 2 members whose started at being Affilliate Marketing in Us & EU since 2010.

More than 10 years in market research help us know that: the product needs to be convenent and flexible solution.

So we reach in more than 5 million customer in 14 months, with multiples channel media. Then we found own way: UltilitiesForHome.com this website is our patient efford to meet the need of customer

Vision and core value

SLOGAN: Make Speed & Credibility for your passion

* Vision:

Start with the desire bringing more benefits to customers on e-commerce platforms in the AI era. We hope that GLC Media will become the Biggest company in E-commerce of Asia

* Core value:   Quality for customer is our permanent future

Utilitiesforhome started with idea of creating custom apparel and accessories that positively impact ourselves and the people around us. You should know that we’ve been serving our valued customers more than 1 years!

Over the years we tried to keep our philosophy simple:
1) Quality
2) Great Prices
3) Excellent Customer Service
Embracing the positive energy found in each of us as inspiration, Utilitiesforhome capture the human spirit while accentuating the culture, love, music and light around us all.
We founded Utilitiesforhome with one simple goal: to provide amazing jewelry, good products at amazing prices.


You can shop with confidence, we’re not someone’s hobby on weekends.
You can choose everything, from electronics items like laptops, cheap mobile phones, home appliances such as air conditioners, air purifiers, mini household vacuum cleaners, bedroom furniture, collar for animals (dogs, cats)… We have all things, with good quality !!!.
Along with unmatched quality control and we do a full inspection for you prior to shipping!


  • The good quality products
  • Delivery fast from 7-10 business days in U.S
  • Professional customer service
  • FREE shipping

   Contact information

Mail box address:
11918 SE Division Street
Portland, OR 97266, United States
GLC MEDIA Vietnam Company Limited
Office address: 
No.09, Semi-detached block TT5, VOV Urban Area, Me Tri Ward, 
Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

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